Tuesday, May 30, 2006

100 Reasons Reagan should not be deified (especially onto a dime or ten dollar bill)

1) Referred to the New Deal as fascist – fitting for the dime reference

2) Began as a liberal democrat and became a conservative republican – the epitome of the right-wing’s 21st century character attack of so-called “Flip-Flopper’s”

3) Opposed blacklisting in public, but he and Jane Wyman met privately with FBI agents to name “suspected subversives”

4) Named names for HUAC on fellow actors, directors and writers

5) As governor of California, like any good fiscal conservative, approved tax hikes

6) Sent National Guard troops to Berkeley to thwart student’s creation of the “People’s Park” where one person James Rector was killed and one badly injured – neither were protesters.

7) Of the above incident was quoted as saying, “If there’s bloodshed, let’s get it over with”

8) Opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964

9) Opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (later flip-flopped on both acts when politically convenient)

10) Opposed the creation of a federal dam, the Dos Rios that would have kept Indian Ranches from flooding

11) After the SLA of Patty Hearst fame demanded for free food to feed the poor, Reagan was quoted as saying “it would be a good time for botulism (a food borne disease).”

12) Promoted the dismantling of the public psychiatric hospital system for community based housing and treatment

13) These above community based housing and treatment centers have never been adequately funded from Reagan to present

14) First governor to use a corporate travel jet for office business

15) During 1980 campaign, proposed a 30% across the board tax cut famously known by George H.W. Bush as “Voodoo Economics”

16) Also in 1980 at the Neshoba (Mississippi) County Fair, proclaimed his support for “State’s Rights” – securely sealing the African-American vote

17) Reagan proclaimed his support for “State’s Rights” near the location where three civil rights activists were murdered in 1964.

18) Reagan’s campaign was led by William Casey who would later become CIA director – which also during the campaign kept a close ear and eye on the Iran hostage crisis which all would be freed on Reagan’s inauguration – coincidence or not?

19) In the summer of 1981, fired federal air traffic controllers after they went on strike.

21) Favored across the board tax cuts or his “Trickle down economics” which were designed to boost business investments.

22) Drove the economy to high federal deficit levels by increasing the military budget after reviving old cold war fears and paranoia

23) Unemployment reached 10% at one point in Reagan’s presidency

24) Raised the rates of social security taxes to increase government revenues – that’s it, tax grandma!

25) Gave military support to Afghani insurgents or Mujahideen to fight the Soviets who would later branch off into factions of al-Queda and the likes of Osama bin Laden among other current enemies of the U.S.

26) Put us on the brink of nuclear war because of his confrontational rhetoric throughout the 80's and with a NATO exercise code name ABLE ARCHER 83 almost leading the Soviets to a retaliatory response.

27) Secretly funded the brutal rightist Contra’s in Nicaragua to fight the democratically elected leftist Sandinista’s in an attempt to halt supposed communism encroachment in Latin America

28) Reagan secretly gave the CIA the authority to recruit and train Contra’s with $19 million in military aid in the top secret National Security Decision Directive (NSDD-17)

29) During Reagan’s presidency, the US was found guilty in an International Court of Justice calling on the US to “cease and refrain” from unlawful use of force against Nicaragua. The administration dismissed the verdict and the legitimacy of the court.

30) Even with a United Nations General Assembly demanding compliance, the U.S. never paid its required fine.

31) After direct aid to Nicaragua was interrupted due to the Boland Amendment – Reagan Administration officials would seek third-party arrangement for military aid and funding which would culminate into the Iran-Contra Affair.

32) In 1988, Reagan requested almost $37 million to aid the Contra’s that was turned down by the US congress

33) In a 1988 investigation led by Senator John Kerry on Contra drug-links concluded that “U.S. senior policy makers (in the Reagan Administration) were not immune to the idea that drug money was a perfect solution to the Contra’s funding problems.”

34) Reagan administration National Security courier and dismissive right wing Fox News piece of shit Oliver North had contact and met with former CIA operative Panama drug-lord and de facto military leader and puppet Manuel Noriega.

35) There has been alleged claim to the arrival and explosion of the crack cocaine epidemic in the inner cities of the 1980’s directed towards funding to the Contra’s

36) Through the Freedom on Information Act there is evidence that the no credibility shit head Oliver North knew about and supported using money raised through drug trafficking to fund the Contra’s. Just Say No Ollie!

37) The funding for the training and armament of the contras were raised by the shipment of huge quantities of cocaine on U.S. government aircraft and military facilities.

38) The administration has been accused of ordering the assignations of leftist Latin American presidents and prime ministers.

39) During the Iran-Contra matter, the administration sold arms to Iran at an Ollie North request of $15 million mark-up; Iran at the time was an enemy of the U.S. and fighting Iraq

40) Reagan claimed the Contra’s were the “moral equivalent” of the founding fathers of the United States (?)

41) The Tower Report on the scandal concluded Reagan may have not known of the deal but should had better control over the National Security Council staff.

42) The Congressional report stated the president was to take “ultimate responsibility” for what his aides and staff was involved in and his administration exhibited “secrecy, deception and disdain for the law.”

43) In 1985, signed a secret presidential “finding” describing the deal as “arms –for-hostages” even though admitting they did not sell weapons for hostages

44) Offered support to the rightist El Salvadoran government that was involved in a civil war to keep the leftist FMLN from gaining power – leaving 75,000 dead and 1 million homeless from the civil war.

45) Reagan said “progress” was being made in El Salvador even though tens of thousands of civilians were being slaughtered by government and U.S. funded military forces.

46) Withdrew U.S. forces from Lebanon after 241 marines were killed in a terrorist bombing attack in 1983. What strong-arm right-wing retribution!

47) Authorized the invasion of the small island of Grenada near tourist outposts Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados in the effort again to stop the spread of communism in Latin America even though the main justification probably being the proximity of Venezuelan oil and its trade and travel on surrounding water ways.

48) The administration justified the invasion to stop the creation of a huge airport that they claimed would be used by the Cubans and Soviet forces.

49) Authorized this invasion even at the behest of the United Kingdom and Margaret Thatcher as Grenada was part of the Commonwealth of Nations and felt the U.S. had no business getting involved in their affairs.

50) After the invasion, the administration gave $49 million in economic aid and the CIA secretly funneled $650,000 to make sure they would have a pro-American election results.

51) Fourteen of the Grenada 17, which were members of the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) was sentenced to death by a court financed by the U.S. Three were sentenced to 45 years in prison. And Henry Kissinger continues to walk amongst the masses.

52) Reagan would later refer to one of Grenada’s main export nutmeg in response to the justification for invasion – “You can’t make eggnog without nutmeg.”

53) The administration gave aid to both Iran and Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war – but a majority to Iraq feeling Saddam Hussein was less a threat then the Ayatollah. Fuck picking sides!

54) Gave Iraq materials that could be used for chemical and biological weapons and were used to create Iraq’s supposed “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

55) The Iraqis would go onto use our chemicals to massacre Kurdish guerillas and civilians which would be used to justify invasion of the country almost 20 years later.

56) Visited a cemetery in Germany that 49 Waffen-SS troops were buried.

57) Was in favor of dismantling the Department of Health, Education and Welfare

58) Reagan made every effort to reduce funding to the Department of Education and even its abolishment

59) Appointed numerous Christian conservative wing-nuts to his cabinet like James “Beach Boy” Watts and moral guru Bill “Hot Hand abort black babies” Bennett

60) Appointed extreme right-wing justice Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court – sadly approved by senate

61) Appointed extreme right-wing Robert Bork to the Supreme Court – end result - no senate approval

62) Reagan’s dumb-ass secretary of defense Casper Weinberger was quoted as saying that Reagan could survive violating the law or constitution but not embarrassment from the media.

63) Advocate of deregulating everything under the sun including the banking industry, which led to the savings and loan scandal, which led to a bailout costing American taxpayers $150 billion

64) Reagan supported apartheid South Africa and opposed economic sanctions against them.

65) Referred to Princess Di on one meeting as Princess David.

66) During his presidency, EPA grants to clean up toxic waste was used to enhance the election prospects of politicians aligned with the administration.

67) Reagan aide Michael Deaver was convicted of lobbying violations and offences.

68) The winless drug war was greatly expanded under Reagan.

69) Reagan’s policies on the drug war were imprisonment for drug offenders and less treatment.

70) The prison population drastically increased because of these above policies with a majority being ethnic minorities.

71) Judicially, Reagan was against the notion of “activist” judges like the Warren Court, which ruled on Brown v. Board and numerous other desegregation cases during the civil rights era.

72) Wanted to spend billions of dollars on “Star Wars” to keep our skies safe from communism

73) Referred to the Soviet Union as the “evil empire,” as if the U.S. has had no checkered past or even blood on our hands.

74) The administration gave support to RENAMO, an anti-communist resistance party in Mozambique to fight a civil war against the Marxist FRELIMO. Like the other U.S. aided rightist groups around the world, the RENAMO were brutal and reportedly violated human rights.

75) Gave financial aid to Columbian military and right wing paramilitary groups, which was/is considered one of the most vile of the human right violators in Latin America.

76) Between 1981 and 1983, the Guatemalan government – financed and trained by U.S. forces – destroyed 400 Mayan villages and massacred 200,000 peasants. Better dead than red, right?

77) Panama’s Manuel Noreiga was reinstated onto the CIA payroll in 1985 to the tone of $200, 000 a year by Reagan to allow listening stations in Panama, and protect U.S. air shipments to the Contra’s.

78) HUD experienced scandal when sanctimonious James Watt and others gave federal funding to constituents, and defrauded the government out of money intended for low-income housing.

79) Reagan as an extreme war hawk had no military experience.

80) Joked around on the 1984 campaign on a sound check to a radio address saying, “I just signed legislation outlawing Russia. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

81) Did not respond to the HIV-AIDS crisis of the 1980’s in a timely fashion or even acknowledge it publicly until 1987

82) By the end of 1987, 59,572 AIDS cases had been reported and 27,909 of those men and women had died.

83) Between June 1981 and May 1982, less than $1 million was spent on AIDS research while $9 million was spent on Legionnaires disease

84) In 1986, a year before Reagan said anything publicly about AIDS, at a Statue of Liberty centenary dedication, Bob Hope performing for the audience joked, “I just heard the Statue of Liberty has AIDS but she doesn’t know if she got it from the mouth of the Hudson or from a Staten Island fairy.” The Reagan’s were filmed laughing.

85) The above Hudson joke was a reference to longtime Reagan friend Rock Hudson who died from AIDS in 1985 – two years before Reagan spoke out publicly about AIDS

86) By the time Reagan had left office, 115, 786 women, men and children had been diagnosed with AIDS and more than 70,000 had died. I didn’t bother getting the 1981-89 Legionnaires disease numbers.

87) Supported sodomy laws which were clearly anti-gay legislation

88) Opposed anti-discrimination laws especially those dealing with sexual preference

89) Reagan’s presidential gay views were a “flip-flop” from his opposition to the 1978 anti-gay Briggs Initiative in California

90) Extreme “Flip-Flopping” pro-life and advocate for the abolition of woman’s right to choose in the winter of his life, but as governor signed California’s liberal abortion rights laws

91) By 1988, the national debt was $2.6 trillion

92) At the end of Reagan’s second term the national debt raised from 26% (1980) to 41% (1989) GDP

93) The richest 1 percent saw an increase in income of 1 trillion dollars during Reagan’s presidency

94) Back to the early years, the FBI and the CIA working covertly with Governor Reagan as they tried to illegally stifle the voices of students and faculty deemed as subversive at Berkeley.

95) Governor Reagan intended to mount “psychological warfare campaign” against supposed subversives, file tax evasion and other charges against them.

96) In 1983, Reagan told the prime minister of Israel that he helped liberate Auschwitz when he didn’t even set foot in Europe

97) The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project is run by money launderer Grover Norquist – who is good friends with Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed. ‘Nuff Said!

98) Reagan sent drug addict Rush Limbaugh a letter claiming he was the voice of conservatism and the GOP

99) Ronald Wilson Reagan + Initials = 666 (In memory of Bill Hicks)

100) Last but not least, Reagan era papers were set to be released in 2001 but the second coming George W. Bush changed the law to have them sealed indefinitely. What is there to hide?